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Sucker Punch

May 01, 2015 PMFri 06:10 pm

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Author's Comments:

Reply Napo, Unlaunched Cannon, May 01, 2015 PMFri 06:24 pm

Ah, the good old "Sucker Punch" attack.
I made this attack a REALLY long time ago; years before I even knew about Smack Jeeves, and even before I came up with the name (and eventually character) "Napo". Back then, I didn't know what an actual sucker punch is, and I gave it the name "Sucker" because of its vacuum-like properties. See, first, the user manifests green aura-like stuff in his hand (or any part of the body, really), and that is capable of pulling things. With enough practice/luck, one can control what exactly is being pulled in, or convert the "vacuum energy" into "hurting energy", and vice versa, though doing even some of that craziness is very difficult (Napo has no need for the sucking because he's already fast and can teleport in a Super form, but he still can't bring out all of the Sucker Punch potential). The green aura also already comes with "hurting energy", so that helps. This can also be used for deflecting things, if used correctly (otherwise... ouch).
Since technically this is "armor" for the hand (or whatever the heck is being covered), one can throw a punch (/kick/headbutt/etc) and make it an actual attack.

But of course, this comes with side effects: Uses a lot of Chakra energy, difficult to master completely (as mentioned), and very hard and tedious to put in a sprite comic.

A normal Sucker Punch is more powerful than a normal Chaos Wind.

I believe I had Kirby in mind when I thought about the technique.

... Oh, and uh, Napo blew a hole in Shard. Look at the last panel again, closely.

Now, @Syogren:, is there anything I forgot to mention?

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User's Comments:

Reply Napo, Unlaunched Cannon, May 03, 2015 PMSun 04:08 pm

… Syogren? You there?

You are *not* doing what I think you're doing.

Syro, y-you're worrying me.


Syro y

Syro plz

… Don't make me use Napro again.

Reply Syogren, May 05, 2015 AMTue 11:12 am

No, I think you covered everything.

Sorry about that, Napo. Forgot about SJ for a couple days. College be rough.

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